Creative Director: Reyhan Sofraci With roots from the Mediterranean, Sofraci moved to Canada at age ten, living in Toronto and Montreal for over twenty years. From a family of four kids - being the only girl - she had her mother's feminine influence and her father and brothers' male perspective in growing up and evolving into the woman she is today. Sofraci graduated at the early age of twenty from the University of Toronto where she specialized in sciences and earned an HBSC in Psychology. Throughout her education, though captivated by science, she always loved art and pursued it as a hobby, painting and drawing silhouettes whenever time permitted. Possessing a strong love for styling, she taught herself to manipulate fabrics using her body as a canvas and creating looks she wore among her friends. With numerous accolades, Sofraci was encouraged to pursue her creativity and changed direction in her career deciding to start a line that captured her style and the essence of her personality - and in 2005, with her family by her side, Aqua Di Lara was born. Recognized for being an eclectic person, Sofraci has loved and appreciated everything that life has had to offer. With a style that was never capsuled in any one direction - one day in a beautiful flowy dress, the next in jeans and run down grunge tee; one night in high stilettos and a leather miniskirt, another in a conservative elegant dress. Her love of fashion and creative expression became more prominent when she decided to create the Aqua Di Lara White Label and Black Label collections. Aqua Di Lara White Label allowed her to explore her appreciation of the feminine, soft and beautiful; and Black Label her graphic, dominant, edgy side. With her many travels, her inspirations run deep from the different cultures, people, lifestyles and architectural sights she has met and experienced. With her strongest passions being for swimwear, lingerie, shoes and couture-wear, Sofraci started creating original styles that are masterfully put together. She has won several awards and has been recognized for her talent in fabric manipulation for great fit and her ability to play with lines and shapes in creating figure hugging and very attractive hourglass silhouettes. For Sofraci, a woman should be curvaceous and celebrated for this classic female form and this mantra has followed her in every piece she conjures. The Aqua Di Lara collection can be found across the globe in various boutiques and online retailers in over 20 countries. For more information, visit

Spring/Summer 2014

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