To say Bondi Bather burst on the scene would be an understatement. Conceptualised by marketing maestro, Kerry Cusack, the brand quickly established a cult following and strong commercial success before the brand was even three months old. In the space of a year, Bondi Bather has launched into the Australian market, launched into the US market, showcased at Miami Swim Fashion Week, opened two flagship stores, is stocked in Seafolly owned retailer – Sunburn and also, Move – a Dick Smith owned retailer fusing fashion with technology for which Bondi Bather exclusively developed a range of iPhone cases to sit alongside their swimwear. Bondi Bather is one of only three brands (one of which is Romance was Born) to be a part of this movement. The brand is made in Australia and showcases imagery of the one and only Bondi Beach blazoned across swimwear. Swimmers, bathers, togs—whatever you want to call those skimpy bits of lycra, we all know they can make or break a summertime look. That’s why we’ve made our range of bathers so freakin’ rad. With super-flattering styles including our very own ‘Australian Cut’ (our take on the Brazilian!) and photographic prints on our swimwear that show off the gorgeous and gritty parts of the most iconic beaches in the world (that’d be Bondi), our line is a super-stylish way to show off that baben bod.

Spring/Summer 2015

BONDI BATHER: Runway Video SS 2014/2015
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