CLEAN CUT will present the second of it's Future Talks series, in partnership with Ethical Clothing Australia. Find out how and why positive impact fashion is becoming necessary to a successful future in our local and global industry.  

This forward thinking panel moderated by Kellie Hush (HARPERS BAZAAR) featuring TOME (NYC), Lucy King (Group Sustainability Manager, COUNTRY ROAD GROUP) and Sigrid McCarthy (ETHICAL CLOTHING AUSTRALIA) explores themes around translating brand values through principle-driven design and business. The event focuses on collaboration and the power of working together towards a shared goal, future proofing our industry through innovation and ethical practices. 

In a fast changing, ever increasing global industry, now more than ever it is important that we, as Australia's designers, brands and industry, stay abreast with global movements to ensure we can continue to flourish.

Founded in 2014, CLEAN CUT encourages ethical and sustainable practise within the fashion industry through awareness, knowledge and support. CLEAN CUT connects Australia to the global sustainable fashion movement.

CLEAN CUT aims to dramatically reduce the negative social and environmental impact of unsustainable fashion industry operations globally. CLEAN CUT operate as a link for the local industry to international advocacy bodies in this arena. To assist new and existing fashion brands and businesses to assess their existing impact and create measurable road-maps towards more sustainable and positive impact processes in short and long term. CLEAN CUT does this through partnering with local industry, media, designers, brands and businesses by providing them with resources through symposiums, events, digital seminars and mentorship programs to apply these principles to their business with expertise and innovative action. 


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