Vanessa Kim, the creative behind Daniel K, is based in Auckland, New Zealand. She grew up with an intrinsic desire for fashion design and before embarking on her fashion design journey, Vanessa drew experience from her previous jobs within retail and fashion, and undertook a course in knitwear and textiles at AUT. After finding her confidence and wanting to reach others with her innate style, she started her own label Daniel K, named after her brother. Daniel K is a boutique fashion label that recognises the importance of fashion as a means of individual expression. The Daniel K woman is sophisticated and confident with an effortless and unpretentious style. Vanessa is influenced by history, nature, people and her native surroundings which become the foundation of her timeless and tailored designs. Vanessa creates her own textiles and knitwear all within New Zealand, and recognizes the implications of “fast fashion”. “Fashion should be a creative outlet for people to express who they really are, we should have the confidence to choose for ourselves and not be dictated by the latest trend”. She consciously develops garments to minimize the waste of fabric and yarn resulting in a beautiful piece to be treated as a treasure in your wardrobe.

Spring/Summer 2014

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