You don't have to be an alchemist to break down the different components of Diesel Black Gold. We can describe it as a love affair between refined quality and rock & roll. Translated into a contemporary collection that takes all the attributes and expertise of Diesel and pushes them to a new level of excellence. New twists to traditional garments, iconic blends of past and future, artfully distressed denim and leather, and the craftsmanship of tailoring are some of the signatures of Diesel Black Gold that imbue the products with an authentic vintage feel and a sophisticated, contemporary image. Diesel Black Gold is the ultimate rock chic for those who understand that style has nothing to do with uniformity.

Spring/Summer 2014

Fall/Winter 2014

Spring/Summer 2013

Fall/Winter 2013

Spring/Summer 2012

Fall/Winter 2012

Spring/Summer 2011

Fall/Winter 2010

Fall/Winter 2009

Spring/Summer 2009

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