Dyspnea was established in 2012 by three Perth based creatives Aimee-Cherie Kendall, Jameen Zalfen and Rachel Motteram. With an overwhelming demand for their coma-inducing statement pieces and intricate crystal embellishments, DYSPNEA has already gained a cult following in the brief time they have been on the scene. The label is ready to conquer the world, one mind-altering piece at a time. This collection challenged us as designers. We pushed ourselves with textiles yet held back on silhouette. Each element suggests a dominant submissive relationship. We don’t follow convention and certainly shift boundaries. When we envisage an image we make it happen. We were aiming for a brazen confronting look. It was an emotional ride and the end result denotes this deliberate head butt discordance. The range was compiled by foraging for unusual textiles, choosing a domineering colour and finding a submissive clashing tone; affecting a kind of paralysis. Thus ‘PARALYSIS’ came into existence with the blood red gown, which denounces now our collection. This statement piece prompted us to experiment with generous fringing, voluminous silk satins, elegant lace appliqué, soft felt and embellished fabrics. Each look carries onto the next tying them via the textile manipulation/fabrication or colour. The infusion of dusky pink tones overall softens our collection and these two commanding colours conventionally clashing here magically also compliment each other. Our aim is to disturb the viewers, challenge them, yet make them appreciate that each piece walked through a design process and while they gasp for air the pain of want torments them.

DYSPNEA : Runway Show SS14/15
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