We are a luxurious, bohemian and folk inspired fashion label made on the beautiful island of Bali, Indonesia.

We are an Australian company operating globally with distribution centres in Los Angeles, USA and Sydney, Australia.

Each Fillyboo piece is lovingly created by highly skilled artisans. Our factory staff sew our pieces and add the final finishing touches after they have been embroidered and crocheted in small family villages in the mountain areas of Bali.

Our factory staff and our widespread Fillyboo team are our treasures! We couldn't make these amazing hand-made pieces without their devotion and love for our business and the work that they do. So much pride goes in to these pieces and we are very grateful every day. As business owners, employers and conservationists, we try to look after our Balinese and Australian team and the surrounding areas of Bali the best that we can. We continually strive to better ourselves in all areas of our business.

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