Lenna Vasilas and Catherine Vasilas are the creative minds behind couture label GALANNI®. Proudly Australian made, their refined craftsmanship combined with their unique exploration of the women’s silhouette is the making of GALANNI®. Lenna Vasilas launched GALANNI® in 2004. Uniquely gifted in the field of design and craftsmanship, GALANNI® transcends the traditional fashion barriers, arraying artistic couture pieces with a contemporary edge. In 2010 was the introduction of a new GALANNI® direction. Catherine Vasilas was appointed Creative Director of GALANNI®. Catherine’s artistic skill and vision in design and detailing reflected the labels core essence. The collaboration of designers moved GALANNI® to new heights, evoking the true recipe of GALANNI® indulging in luxurious materials, handcrafted beadwork and sharp sculpturing tailoring making the GALANNI® renowned for their signature looks. In 2014; To celebrate their 10 year millstone GALANNI® debuted for the first time at their Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia Show which launched the Atelier Collection. GALANNI® is renowned for its signature looks which exude indulgence through luxurious materials, handcrafted beadwork and sharp sculptured tailoring. GALANNI's refined craftsmanship and feminine silhouettes that remain in high demand by the designer’s loyal private clientele will be showcased in the brand's MBFWA Collection.

GALANNI: Runway Video SS15/16
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