Known for its vibrant colours and innovative designs, Indah roots itself in a life of adventure. Created and produced on the island of Bali, Indonesia, Indah draws its vision each season from an international community of artists, travellers, and local beauty. Lavish prints and luxurious fabrics are an exclusive trademark of the Indah family and have given the line a bold edge in a world of the little black dress. Super-fine eyes for detail and an endless love of life and excitement truly encapsulate Indah and all that we seek to create. 

1135 N. Mansfield
Hollywood, CA 90038

Amy Hodel // (+)1 808 561 7447 //
Rob Simpson // (+) 1 323 799 2579 // 
Andrea Paskal // (+)1 323 799 2579 // 

Sabrina Dibella
+1 732.534.5132

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