IXIAH { pronounced ex’ sigh’ ah’ } was founded in Sydney Australia in November 2011 by designer Krystel Davis. Drawing on the skills of creative intellect is what brands this design house a rare innovator. Davis was born and raised between Auckland, New Zealand & Sydney, Australia. With a passion for the arts and travel, she sought a trade that would allow herself creativity as well as freedom. Davis does not strictly adhere to trend reports, “I prefer the trend of thought, which ultimately offers an unrestrained greenlight into one’s own sense of style, this can then be expressed through the language of fashion”. Krystel’s disctinctive design is a clever twist on classic and on-trend tailoring, relying heavily on her innate sense of style, which is evident in every collection thanks to intricate detailing and unique design. Staying true to her vision, every look is effortless yet sophisticated -its intrinsic value being afforded through subtleties in every piece. With access to beautiful fabrics from all over the world, Davis has found creative freedom through textile combinations and avant-garde shapes. Davis’ trademark “neo-tribal” style has catapulted into IXIAH where she continues to carve out a niche in the fashion industry because of her one-of-a-kind design aesthetic.

IXIAH: Runway Video SS15/16
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