Leah Williams’ designs reflect her passion for graphic shapes, bright colours and new fabrications.

In the two years since she graduated from Raffles College of Design and Commerce (2014) Leah has explored creative and commercial avenues for her design works both domestically and internationally. Recipient of the “Outstanding Creative Endeavour Award” (2014) Leah exhibited her graduation collection “Twisted Trickery” at the Powerhouse Museum in early 2015, followed by an invitation to show at China Graduate Fashion Week in Beijing (2015).  

This lead to the establishment of her brand and, in 2016, Leah debuted at MBFWA (Australia). Later that year, Leah was invited to participate at Shanghai Fashion Week (October) and Mercedes Benz China Fashion Week (November) to showcase her debut collection- for the Chinese market. In November the “Aurora Collection” was picked up by a distributor in Hong Kong.

Inspired by contemporary art and culture Leah’s silhouettes present volume without bulk, drawing the eye to a playful detail, an unexpected cut out. The collection lends itself to a myriad of styling possibilities.

Leah Williams’ aesthetics and her special take on textile and approach to design have offered the Australian emerging fashion scene a whole new perspective.

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