The OUDIFU collection is a Shanghai-based ready-to-wear luxury brand. The creative director, Zhuliang Li founded the company in 2006. OUDIFU quickly expanded within 8 years opening 200 retail stores in major Chinese cities and markets. This led to OUDIFU becoming one China’s leading brands.

This collection is based on a classical China 2300-year old philosophy: that man is an integral part of nature. A strong expression of this ancient Chinese theory is the human lifestyle following up on the rules of nature, combining itself with it’s subject on an essential, serene, and ecstatic order.

Zhuliang Li is so strongly inspired by this belief that he converted it into his fashion by designing a unique ‘all-in-one style’, for all body-types, in subtle sophisticated detail with distinction in silhouette. Li’s design and style emphasize on the relaxed, spontaneous, pleasant perceptions when you put ‘OUDIFU’ on, bringing modern humans closer to nature. In 1981 at age eleven, Zhuliang Li, who was born the seventh of eight children, was sent to a dressmaker by his parents to learn the fundamentals of design. Like his two most admired fashion icons, Giorgio Armani and Coco Chanel, Zhuliang, Li never went to fashion school. This was how and when Zhuliang Li began his fashion passage. In 1988, Zhuliang Li also commenced to create cloth and custom designs which earned him first-hand consumer information and credits. Accordingly, Zhuliang Li, gained numerous industry awards including CQGC ‘Best Fashion Brand in 2009’, ‘Top 10 Chinese Fashion Designer of 2011’, and ‘Top 10 Fashion Brand by Shanghai International Fashion Festival’ 2012. Zhuliang Li is also recognized for his humanitarian endeavors such as donating towards the relief efforts of the Wenchuan earthquake known also as the 2008 Great Sichuan Earthquake.

The Mercedes-Benz Spring 2015 Fashion Week collection at Lincoln Center New York City will debut OUDIFU’s brand into the American market.




OUDIFU: Runway Video SS15
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