Behind The Designs She is energetic, positive and down to earth. A bright personality, she comes alive through creativity. Her journey is her own, and she enjoys every day, filling her life with what she loves. Design and creation is who she is, but she has learned to balance this inner passion and drive with connection and collaboration with others. She leads, she achieves, inspires and nurtures. She is dynamic, intuitive and reaches for the stars. And when she trusts, great things happen. A mother of two, a wife, a designer, she is not afraid to be who she wants to be. With an infectious energy she brings people together to create wearable designs that women love, connecting with women around the world through apparel collections. Born from the world of creativity, she is not just woman, she demonstrates a lifestyle. She is TALULAH. Kelli Wharton – TALULAH Creative Director As long as I can remember I have wanted to design and create. Through my journey and my experience I hope to inspire other women to do the same. I am an intensely passionate person when it comes to what I do. To me TALULAH is not just a job, it is a lifestyle which I live, breath and act. The TALULAH woman is feminine, creative and independent. She dreams big and builds a path in life that is her own. She is committed to living gratefully each day and practices this through a balance or of creativity, health, well-being, action and love. She has learned what she wants, what she loves and what her skills and passions are and builds these values into her life to express who she is and connect with others. My passion is to create wearable designs that women love. Design is how I express who I am and the passion behind me as a person, what I am inspired by, what I love and what I live for. I created TALULAH in 2005 to do just this, and am now lucky enough to surround myself and work daily with a team of creative women who live and work these values with me. The feeling that I get from doing what I love and watching the TALULAH brand grow, continues to inspire me daily, and through this TALULAH creates great collections and leads a lifestyle for women all over the world. My design influences are the people, places and things around me. I live and work in Byron Bay, Australia and am inspired daily by the water, the women I work with, my husband, my family, art, colour, flowers and music. Everything that we create for our brand and the woman who wears it leads back to its concept and the women who made it. I believe colour, expression and will to be your own woman in the face of diversity is important. As a woman and a designer I take this passion into all areas of my life. At TALULAH our prints, colours and designs are constructed by women, for women who share in the joy of being feminine, love to style, express and share their personality and talents through their wardrobe. As we move towards TALULAH’s Tenth year in business, I continue to demonstrate what I have learnt by living well, being myself and creating. Life is a journey. Creativity is a passion. And TALULAH is a lifestyle.

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