The TWOOBS Story

Like any good brand story, ours starts with two girls and one problem: a lack of shoes they could wear for any occasion. To the beach without getting them ruined. Shopping for the day without getting blisters. Out dancing without having to stash a pair of flip-flops in their bags. And obviously with a price tag that wasn't leaving them without leftover cash in the bank for sunglasses and rice paper rolls.

Enter TWOOBS, a pair of shoes that does all these things and then some, and a brand that stands for so much more than just footwear. We celebrate friendship, in particular the bestie kind, and we’re the type of squad no one will ever feel left out of. We also like to think of ourselves as serious ‘two gooders’ – read more about that over here.

About Our Founders 

Jess and Stef Dadon are sisters and besties from Melbourne, Australia. They travel the world working as designers, creative directors, social media consultants, and running the digital platform How Two Live. And they do it all in a comfy pair of shoes.

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